The Angelic Witch


“Who Am I?” my eight year old daughter asked me the other day.  And, “What is life and where do we go when it finishes?”

This from my youngest child who feels inadequate and insecure because she can’t do her times tables like the other kids!! My responses to her were deep and honest and honouring of her own innate wisdom, but they were for her and not for here.

On my first page.


Of my blog. Can’t actually believe I am doing this. I left two cherished girlfriends a couple of hours ago who I ran into “by chance” in Gail’s – our favourite cafe –  who know me well enough to be honest and loving about the fact that I have been putting off writing/publishing/standing into the truth of my journey for FAR TOO FUCKING long!! They affirmed that my stories are rich and wonderful and should not languish any longer. “Why not write a blog? Easier and less intimidating than finishing THE BOOK.” So here I am.

Finally Free to be unapologetically me. Flawed. Never bored. Often floored. But I get back up.

Again. And again.

The Angelic Witch is how my guides described me in a recent, super powerful reading I had from a new friend and spiritual teacher Clayton John Ainger*.

It feels like my tribe are all lighting up at the moment and popping up out of the earth like long lost beacons. The sister and brotherhood of old. Coming out of our patriarchally imposed closets. Have you noticed that? Awakening is afoot.

It felt right, as a title, a holding of the many paradoxes that co-exist – not always peacefully – within me (and no-one had the domain name yet! Bonus.)

Mother. Seeker. Stronger. Weaker. Poet. Baker. Witch. Creator. Foul Mouthed. Fluent. Wounded. Healer. Angel. Demon. Believer. Heathen. Perfectionist. Procrastinator. Activist. Activator.

So, thank you for joining me and reading this far. I have lots to share and have just broken the hymen of my fear barrier by not THINKING about it too much and taking a leap of faith.

Going from A to ……..

Have to go pick up the kids but I will be back with all the goods. I promise.

Thanks Susanne and Sam.











4 thoughts on “The Angelic Witch”

  1. This Blog brought tears of joy to my eyes. Fear stands in the way of us and everything else. I am so excited to read more about your truth and your journey. I am honoured and proud to be given any acknowledgment for what I know will be a wonderful way for you to connect to others and shine a light into their lives or a give them a compassionate, loving kick up the bum. I salute you giving fear the middle finger on behalf of us all and wish you a true and wonderful awakening.


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